Facing Cancer

Cancer is complex, but manageable. We give you the expert help needed to process your emotions through this delicate and sensitive time. We want to make sure the emotional distress from fighting cancer is replaced with happy memories.

Support through Cancer

Cancer requires a team effort. We help communicate with your care teams, connect you with needed resources, and assist with administrative tasks. This allows you to focus on what’s important – your healing and your loved ones.

Life after Cancer

Cancer doesn’t have to define you. We help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by focusing on your habits and living a wholesome life after treatment. We give you the strength to regain control of your life, without fear.

Our Process

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Customize a Care Plan Individualized to You and Your Needs.

Provide Ongoing Support and Communication.

A client story

I had been diagnosed with a chronic illness years before and due to a variety of circumstances, coupled with my fear and negative experience with Western medicine, I had no health care providers. My treatment plan was a deep belief that I could fix myself, coupled with supplements and a healthy lifestyle. It worked for quite a while. My health, however, had taken a serious downward turn and miraculously – this is when I encountered Cindy.

Her own personal experience, coupled with her positive energy and knowledge of the medical and holistic community immediately gave me faith and hope that she could guide me to get the help I needed. Cindy was persistent in supporting and helping find the right people and treatment plan for me. What she doesn’t know, she’ll find out. She listens deeply to understand what you want and what you believe.

With great care and deep empathy, she navigated me in the direction that was just right for me. I am deeply grateful and would recommend her to anyone in need of such support.

– J.W., Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Cancer affects patients and everyone who cares about them. It is okay to feel overwhelmed and not know what the next steps are. You are not alone.

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