Facing Cancer

Cancer is complex, but manageable. We give you the expert help needed to process your emotions through this delicate and sensitive time. We want to make sure the emotional distress from fighting cancer is replaced with happy memories.

Support through Cancer

Cancer requires a team effort. We help communicate with your care teams, connect you with needed resources, and assist with administrative tasks. This allows you to focus on what’s important – your healing and your loved ones.

Life after Cancer

Cancer doesn’t have to define you. We help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by focusing on your habits and living a wholesome life after treatment. We give you the strength to regain control of your life, without fear.

Our Process

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Customize a Care Plan Individualized to You and Your Needs.

Provide Ongoing Support and Communication.


I was diagnosed with a large tumor on my brain stem which was having massive effects on me in many scary ways. I was looking for answers about what surgery and recovery looked like, what I could do, and coming up empty or with vague answers from my medical team.

The Cancer Team was there to help me get answers with the right questions to ask, to get my diet back on track (and make it easy), and to help me with virtually every aspect that my physicians doing the surgery would not or could not. They gave me a picture of after care and things within my control that I could do to help myself.

I went into surgery with confidence, the best health of my life, and feeling more hopeful than ever. Though my surgery had many complications, my recovery has been exceptional. There is much that cannot be “medically” explained about my recovery thus far, and I have more to go and fight for, but I know I owe much of where I am to The Cancer Team.

I am forever grateful for their support and the life long changes they have given me.  There isn’t anything like this  team or the support they provide. If you have cancer, a tumor, or anything related, I encourage you to reach out to see if they can help you.

– R.O., Meningioma Survivor

Cancer affects patients and everyone who cares about them. It is okay to feel overwhelmed and not know what the next steps are. You are not alone.

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