Here is Ours.

Through the pandemic, we identified gaps within cancer care and saw opportunities to enhance the relationship between patient, family, provider, and health care system.  The Cancer Team was created to fill these gaps by providing the attentive and detailed care that a complex cancer diagnosis requires.  Our goal is to help our clients and communities to become actively engaged in cancer prevention, treatment and recovery.

What makes us uniquely qualified to lead you through your health journey? Passion and experience.  We have navigated cancer directly through the roles of health care provider, patient and family.  We share our experiences to provide hope and minimize fear for anyone impacted by cancer.

Our Founder, Cindy, has been a clinical nurse for nearly a decade.  She served in both clinical and administrative capacities throughout her career and holds a Master’s degree in Nursing with a focus in Executive Leadership.  As a staff nurse, nurse leader and quality improvement specialist, she led multidisciplinary teams in various academic medical settings throughout Boston, New York and Ohio to provide high quality care to patients with cancer.

Her role as a health care provider transitioned when Cindy was expecting her first child in the summer of 2020.  Six weeks following the birth of her daughter, she was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer. Her background in nursing helped her understand the diagnosis and ask the right questions to get the care she needed and deserved. She knew she could help patients and families have the same support and resources to understand their cancer and their options. So she created a program and found her own team of experts, The Cancer Team.

Having cancer, or any illness for that matter, affects the entire family. We want to be that extended family for you, to guide you in your journey through cancer and every day after.

Cindy Cathcart, MSN, RN, BCPA

 Founder, Clinical Operations & Marketing


Kathrynne Gebhardt

 Co-Founder, Business Development

Adhiti Narayan, CCSM

Client Success & Program Management