Can I Change My Risk of Cancer OR am I a Victim of My Genes?

The traditional view for which the healthcare system is built upon is that genes cause disease. We now know that this view is limited and makes us feel that we have no control over our health. This view also does not provide the positive health outcomes we want as a society, just take a look at the 2024 cancer stats. Fortunately, there is plenty of research happening by people who are willing to consider new ways to look at the body. Bruce Lipton is one such person. His work is significant in defining the molecular pathways that connect the body and the mind. He talks a lot about consciousness, which is not only responsible for life experiences, but also biological functioning.

Our minds interpret everything in our external environment, from relationships to events, words, and actions. These external perceptions can either be aligned with our internal values, or misaligned. Our bodies then respond to this harmony by releasing chemicals that positively affect our physical health and well-being. When our perceptions and values are not aligned,  disharmony or disease results.

Here’s an example of disharmony:

You wake up every day feeling anxious or thinking that life is a struggle. Your brain starts producing stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. This makes it hard for your immune systems to function and inhibits our growth and ability to think. This happens day in and day out, and over a prolonged period of time in this cycle, what happens? 

For me, disharmony came in the form of cancer. For others, disharmony may result in heart disease or dementia. So, how do we create harmony with the external environment and ourselves? Well, we can try to put in effort to eliminate negative beliefs from our minds. But, this is often exhausting and positive efforts are temporary. Often, we don’t even realize how our values control our thoughts, behaviors, and reactions.

The key to harmony between your body and mind is awareness, which is just another word for consciousness. Start noticing your feelings, not your thoughts. How do you feel when you are making breakfast, when you’re talking to your children or boss, when you’re driving in your car. Do you feel stressed? Do you feel anxious? 

Next time you feel anxious or stressed – stop for a few moments. Sit with that feeling and take a deep breath. This is how you start becoming aware of what your body is telling you. When we’re constantly distracted or busy surviving the day, this is very difficult to do. Maybe you can set an alarm on your phone or schedule it into your calendar to stop and take a few minutes to feel. 

Know that this will probably be uncomfortable, but it’s supposed to be. Your body is trying to tell you that something is off. Every time you ignore that feeling, you tell your body that it’s okay to ignore warning signs of disease. Cancer doesn’t happen overnight. It is a chronic disease, something that develops slowly over time. Your body gives you many signs before disease develops, be sure to pay attention.

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Best wishes and sending you health and strength always,

Cindy & The Cancer Team